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Bottle caps Caps for bottles, caps and corks are used everywhere. A cap closing a bottle of beer, a cork that maintains the aroma of wine and caps that retain the aroma of an exquisite drink. But where to buy caps and corks in bulk? The Promet bottle caps wholesaler has prepared a complete range of caps for bottles, corks and bottle caps in one place. Necessary for closing caps, caps and corks The production of alcohols and juices cannot be carried out without the necessary security. With the help of bottle caps, caps and corks, we keep the amazing taste and freshness of our products. Products reach consumers tables after months or even years. A reliable closure is very important to keep your produce fresh. We offer special beer caps, for which a capping machine is necessary, as well as twist-off caps. We offer a wholesale of hoop closures for producers who value traditional solutions and high-quality aluminum caps. We also have non-spill closures that will fit perfectly into bottles with alcohol. Wholesale Promet bottle caps The Promet offer includes 50 types of bottle caps. We offer bottle caps in bulk. Our offer is directed to producers, small factories and trading companies. We are one of the largest companies in Europe dealing in the distribution of caps for bottles. We guarantee that our bottle caps and corks are reliable and failure-free. The reliability and tightness of our bottle caps is the basis to which we the greatest attention, valuing the time and work of our contractors. We invite you to cooperate with Promet.


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