Glass jars Glass jars are used to store food products all over the world. We store juices, silage and preserves in them. Glass jars are one of the few packages with a protective function. The offer of our wholesale is available in various capacities and shapes depending on the product stored in them. How to choose the right glass jars? Small glass jars are useful in the household. Large wholesalers and food producers also need them. First of all - by preparing food in smaller glass jars, we eliminate the risk of losing the entire batch with a single container. The content of individual rings does not affect each other in any way. Glass as a material also decomposes very slowly - the process takes as long as 4,000 years. Therefore, we can use the same jars many times.However, we do not always have to store products in small vessels. For example - large glass jars allow you to observe the processes while the drink is being prepared. This allows us to achieve exactly the color and taste we expect. Glass jars are also decorative. The Promet wholesale offers nearly 30 different types of jars, so there is a lot to choose from. Varied offer of jars in the Prometglass wholesale The wide range of glass jars available at the Promet wholesale allows us to find the products we need in production, processing and trade. Regardless of whether we produce home-made products or as a manufacturer, we expect designer jars - everyone will certainly find the product they need. We ensure that all glass jars in our offer are of high quality. In addition, we have very attractive prices and low logistics minimums. As a result, customers looking for very precise products in small wholesale quantities will also find what they need. We invite you to check the wholesale offer of jars. We are sure that every seller will be able to find products that fit into his production concept.




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Type of closure

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Price / 1000 pc.
PLN376.22 net
PLN462.75 gross
/ 13374 pcs.
PLN5,031.57 net
PLN6,188.83 gross
Sum: PLN5,031.57 net

Price / 1000 pc.
PLN603.99 net
PLN742.91 gross
Palet / 4732 pcs.
PLN2,858.08 net
PLN3,515.44 gross
Sum: PLN2,858.08 net

Price / 1000 pc.
PLN560.74 net
PLN689.71 gross
Pallet / 3800 pcs.
PLN2,130.81 net
PLN2,620.90 gross
Sum: PLN2,130.81 net

Price / 1000 pc.
PLN629.06 net
PLN773.74 gross
Palet / 3556 pcs.
PLN2,236.94 net
PLN2,751.43 gross
Sum: PLN2,236.94 net

Price / 1000 pc.
PLN630.55 net
PLN775.58 gross
/ 2873 pcs.
PLN1,811.57 net
PLN2,228.23 gross
Sum: PLN1,811.57 net

Price / 1000 pc.
PLN3,375.25 net
PLN4,151.56 gross
Palet / 424 pcs.
PLN1,431.11 net
PLN1,760.26 gross
Sum: PLN1,431.11 net

Price / 1000 pc.
PLN596.26 net
PLN733.40 gross
Palet / 4224 pcs.
PLN2,518.60 net
PLN3,097.88 gross
Sum: PLN2,518.60 net

Price / 1000 pc.
PLN825.20 net
PLN1,015.00 gross
Pallet / 1690 pcs.
PLN1,394.59 net
PLN1,715.34 gross
Sum: PLN1,394.59 net

Price / 1000 pc.
PLN2,344.99 net
PLN2,884.34 gross
Palet / 680 pcs.
PLN1,594.59 net
PLN1,961.35 gross
Sum: PLN1,594.59 net

Price / 1000 pc.
PLN4,099.11 net
PLN5,041.91 gross
Palet / 294 pcs.
PLN1,205.14 net
PLN1,482.32 gross
Sum: PLN1,205.14 net

Price / 1000 pc.
PLN603.46 net
PLN742.26 gross
Palet / 3705 pcs.
PLN2,235.82 net
PLN2,750.06 gross
Sum: PLN2,235.82 net

Price / 1000 pc.
PLN534.20 net
PLN657.07 gross
Palet / 4488 pcs.
PLN2,397.49 net
PLN2,948.91 gross
Sum: PLN2,397.49 net

Price / 1000 pc.
PLN865.02 net
PLN1,063.98 gross
Palet / 2464 pcs.
PLN2,131.41 net
PLN2,621.63 gross
Sum: PLN2,131.41 net
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